2010 ~ Present 2001 ~ 2009 1991 ~ 2000
03 Awarded exemplary taxpayer (YangCheon tax office)
05 First development in the world of a manufacture method of light preloaded (C7) support units using regular angular bearing
02 Developed and manufactured aluminum power lock first in the world
06 Was selected and performed 'Foundation and development project' (Small and Medium Business Administration)
06 Awarded 'Local economy development' (Mayor of Seoul)
10 Awarded man of merit badge (Korean Red Cross)
09 Awarded as corporation which developed excellent capital goods (Presidential prize)
12 Acquired ISO 9001:2008 certification
03 Awarded badge of honor (Korean Red Cross)
03 moved domestic/overseas sales headquarter (Seoul Guro-gu Guro-dong STX-W tower)
08 Founded SungIl China branch office (Sungil machinery(Wuxi) Co., Ltd.)
09 Awarded 'Outstanding individual of small and medium business technology innovation' (Prime minister)
11 Signed academic-industrial cooperation agreement with Department Automobile engineering (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
01 Developed 3 more types of connecting shafts
01 Developed A.P. Lock and started mass production
03 Awarded exemplary taxpayer (Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
06 Was selected as export incubator in Tokyo, Japan (KOTRA)
06 Was selected as Promising Export Firm by Small and Medium Business Administration)
09 Founded investment corporation for sales in Tokyo, Japan
10 Was selected as the Great Work Place
(Small and Medium Business Cooperation)
04 Awarded The Grand Prize of Commerce & Industry in Yangchoen-gu (The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
09 Started Branch-Promotion Project with KOTRA (KOTRA)
10 Awarded the outstanding result corporation of R&D project funded by SBA (Seoul Business Administration)
05 Appointed as Korea Sinzisikin (New brain leader). (Korea Sinzisikin Association)
08 Selected as a Korea Master Technician. (Ministry of Employment and labor)
12 Performed governmental project "Global competitive technology" - SMBA
09 The president is nominated as “Korea Master hand” for Machining assembly.
12 The president is nominated as “machine technician of the year.
03 Designation as a Small Giant Company of Korea
09 Designation as a Hi-Seoul Brand Company